Greg and Mary Prescott

About Us

We are a creative team. Greg is a geologist, knows about rocks, and is adept in the shop. Mary has a keenly developed sense for composition, for the way varied components compliment each other to evoke beauty. Our qualities combine in every feature we create. These days we live and work in the little coastal town of Montesano, Washington. For more than twenty years we operated the Beaver Canyon quarry in the Okanogan Highlands region of Washinton. This quarry was an occurrence of  small basalt columns of such exceptional character that it is accurate to say no other source of a comparable nature is known anywhere in the world.  We closed the Beaver Canyon Quarry in 2019.  Fortunately, over the years we had carefully laid aside some of the most beautiful columns ever extracted from this deposit.  For our features use stone from this precious but dwindling supply of highly-colored, beautiful and rare, one-of-a-kind-in-the-world, small, perfectly formed basalt columns. We love them and hope that you will too.

A detailed geologic history and operational description of the Beaver Canyon Quarry, plus numerous other products we have created from this world class stone, may be viewed at our sister site

Mary Prescott Beaver Canyon Quarry winter 2016
Greg Prescott Beaver Canyon Quarry 2019