Beaver Canyon
Small Column Fountains

The characteristics of these light, easy to handle, small basalt columns; plus the numerous technical innovations we have developed over the years, grant us the design freedom to compose and present our reliable, low maintenance, beautiful fountains in many varied forms suited to wide range of clients with specific individual needs.

Installation Possibilities:

  • Single Container Fountains – decks, patios, and landscape beds, indoors in foyers and reception areas
  • Multiple Container Fountains – scaled up eye-catching focal features for grand entries or public gathering sites
  • Monumental Basin Fountains – public art or sites where spectacular is desired
Container Fountain
Triple container entry feature
Ten foot basin fountain on Patio

Column Characteristics:

  • Columns weigh just 1 pound per inch of length – allows deck and in-home installations where weight is a concern
  • Columns are removable – fountains can be disassembled, facilitating transport and installation requiring no machines
  • Columns are colorfast – colors will not fade nor wash off with use
Rare long columns
Billy Kelley 2018 beautifull, ultra rare long columns
Large Block Beaver Canyon Quarry 2006

Features for Many Tastes:

Our Warranty:

We back our work with the simplest guarantee

“If it ever needs fixing, we fix it.”